The main innovations introduced by Antoine Selim Nahas were among the following:

Unjuzada, Mahmoud (Malika St.) circa 1937
  • He totally revolutionized the prevailing architecture which, until then, consisted of limiting building's height to four or five floors.
  • Nahas monuments, on the other hand, reached up to 22 floors and some contained up to 150 apartments.
  • He adapted a style of architecture to suit the social life style of the Egyptians as well as to the climatic impositions.
  • He innovated a special mode of foundations that allowed tall and heavy structures to be erected on the swampy terrain of Egypt.

Antoine Nahas on Shoucha's Land

  • Antoine Selim Nahas was a perfectionist who, on a daily basis, personally managed the construction of all the sites of his buildings.
  • He never tolerated the presence of a fraction of a tile in any of the spaces within his buildings.
  • He saw big, which was probably influenced by his Parisian experience.
  • On the facades of his buildings, he introduced ways of channeling rainfalls so as to avoid traces of water erosions.

The consequences of his superior intellect, together with his talent and perfectionism, led Antoione Selim Nahas to become by far among the most prolific architects of his generation between 1934-1965, not only in Egypt, but probably world wide.