Associates and Employees at Antoine S. Nahas Practice between 1940 - 1956

  • Eugene Nucci (Italian) (Chief Architect)
  • Guy Marcinhes (Swiss) (Draftsman)
  • Kamal Hajjar (Draftsman)
  • Shafik Hosni (Draftsman)
  • Michel Takla (Architect)
  • Samir Matar (Draftsman)
  • Mrs. Esther Nahmias (Chief Administrator) Still lives in Paris at this date 2008
Esther Nahmias, c. 1954 

Some of the Contractors who Executed Major Projects:

  • Baron Rolin
  • Simplex (Freres Hettena)
  • Al Shark ( Freres Vidon)
  • Hassan Aboul Fetouh
  • Guirgossian

Additional Office Employee in Beirut:
  • Cherif Nassif (architect/designer)